remiss [ri mis′]
[L remissus, pp. of remittere: see REMIT]
1. careless in, or negligent about, attending to a task; lax in the performance of duty
2. characterized by carelessness or negligence
3. Now Rare not energetic; languid
SYN.- REMISS implies the culpable omission or the careless or indifferent performance of a task or duty [remiss in one's obligations ]; NEGLIGENT and NEGLECTFUL both imply failure to attend to something sufficiently or properly, but NEGLIGENT often stresses this as a habit or trait [negligent in dress ], and NEGLECTFUL carries an implication of intentional and culpable disregard [a mayor neglectful of pledges made to the voters ]; DERELICT implies flagrant neglect of a duty or obligation; LAX implies looseness in satisfying or enforcing requirements, observing standards or rules, etc. [lax discipline ]; SLACK1, in this connection, implies lack of necessary diligence, efficiency, etc., as because of laziness or indifference [slack service in a restaurant ]

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